Health Data Insight C.I.C. is a social enterprise that has been established by NHS employees to deliver information and intelligence for patients, the public and healthcare professionals.  As a social enterprise, HDI is overseen by the Regulator to guarantee that we meet our social purpose and to ensure that the value created is protected and used for the public good.

All the data used by HDI is handled within the same strict framework that protects patient confidentiality in the NHS.  No commercial gain is made from an individual’s identifiable data.

HDI has a Board, chaired by David Bower, with Non-executive Directors appointed to scrutinise our work, protect the community’s interests and ensure that we fulfil our social objectives.  Individual stakeholder groups exist to guide specific projects; established employees own a share in the enterprise.


David Bower

Jem Rashbass, Medical Director

Jem Rashbass

John Russell HDI Director

John Russell

richard jeavons hdi director

Richard Jeavons

Hilary Wilderspin

Hilary Wilderspin

Richard Alexander


Our aims are aligned to NHS and wider government policy to improve transparency and access to data, encourage self management, enable choice and foster the use of social enterprises to deliver public services.

HDI will conduct all of its activities openly and transparently and be held to account through its annual report to the CIC regulator on what it has delivered for its approved communities.

We understand and have extensive experience of using the NHS Information Governance Framework but we are focused on delivery and will be more responsive and less bureaucratic than many internal NHS structures.

Social Enterprise

Protecting value for the Public Good

HDI intends to contribute to making the NHS the largest and most vibrant social enterprise sector in the world.  We decided that the best way of doing this would be to set up a Community Interest Company because approved social objectives and legal articles of association govern all its business activities.  This framework guarantees that personally identifiable data will not be used for commercial gain.

We also chose this organisational model because we believe that it is the best way to assemble and utilise the experience and skills of a collection of executive and non-executive colleagues who share the same values about the NHS.  In this way we can build a vehicle that would concentrate on generating social value as well as ensuring we capture any financial value that can be reinvested for the public good.

As a regulated social enterprise any assets owned or acquired through the work of HDI are “locked” into the Company and must be disposed of for the benefit of the approved community it serves (which could include national and/or local NHS organisations, patient groups and charities).  Commercial gain cannot be used for the personal benefit of either investors or shareholders.

We intend that the products and services that we produce will:

  • create value for public sector organisations by finding new knowledge from within existing and new information sources
  • provide a data management and linkage service that allows partners to access information within safe-havens that guarantee the privacy of each individual patient.
  • create visual internet based information services and applications that can be easily accessed, used and understood
  • provide organisations with information and services that they can use to understand and help improve their services
  • provide patients with information that they can understand to help improve how they choose, access and use services and understand their clinical condition and care.

HDI is an Information Broker

Sometimes called an information intermediary, HDI will act to facilitate access to healthcare data and information.  Those we work with use our expertise and knowledge of the UK healthcare system to help identify and gain access to the specific data they require.  Yet as a social enterprise we are committed to protecting the public interest; we do not exist to make profit for personal gain but to deliver benefit to the community we serve.

We are bound by the same information governance rules that personal and sensitive patient information inside the NHS and we will ensure that sensitive patient-identifiable information is not released to those who do not have permission to see or use it.

We manage safe-haven environments for data linkage and can store sensitive clinical datasets for our partners so that they can benefit from access to new and emerging clinical datasets.

This physical environment, and the staff who work in it, meet the stringent requirements for clinical data holding, processing, analysis and release required by the NHS. HDI brings a unique combination of information management skills, clinical knowledge and expertise; specifically those required of an information broker that can support the data requirements of personalised or stratified medicine.

In addition HDI has the ability to work with patient-level clinical data and meet all the information governance requirements that this requires.  HDI will work with our partners, contacts and networks to create a bridge between individual patients, clinicians, third sector, healthcare providers and research.  We have the technical expertise to deliver mission-critical, innovative healthcare solutions.